Chapter 2…in which kirstyevidence meets a randomista!


randomistaOk, I concede… They do exist. I know that I have previously suggested that they are fictional but last week, at a meeting of development practitioners and policy makers, I met a real live randomista who believed that randomised controlled trials were the best form of evidence in all cases and that there were no reasons why you should not always do them!

So – they exist and they are a bit bonkers! But what was even more striking to me about that particular meeting was how out of proportion people’s fear of RCTs seems to be compared to the very small number of people who think like my new randomista friend.

In fact, I am starting to get the impression that being anti-RCT is a bit of a badge of honour for those in the development field. A number of times recently, I have heard quite influential development wonks…

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